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2009 - TyC Sports
Program packaging - "Líbero"

This is one of Argentina's most popular sports channels. A sign of strong national identity, a passionate football lover, the programs are based upon this spirit. It includes broadcasts of live league matches. Its language style is colloquial and warm, and its journalism is respected by sports fans.

At the same time, it is a channel with a much smaller budget than its competition and according to market research studies provided by the client, the audience considered the programs and the institutional identity of low quality. The competition marked the step with a cold aesthetics, full of brightness and baroque 3D, with high quality images.

Under those circumstances, we were hired to create the rebranding for five most important programs of the channel, aiming for a radical renovation that would raise the quality standard, while at the same time, differentiate itself from the competition, maintaining the Argentinean and football related identity that it had cultivated for years.

Facing many limitations, the challenge grew in proportion, which instead of frightening us, drove us to produce these 5 packagings with the best of our passion and imagination.

Our work was coordinated with the set designers redesigning the sets, differetiating each program while being part of the same set. We developed a modular scenography with LED panels, which would allow us to generate almost 10 different sets changing only certain elements according to each program.

The client was really satisfied and the image redressing was a hot topic of conversation among football fans in Argentina (and even of America!). The market research studies of the channel coincided with the general success sensation we all had by the end of the project.
TyC Sports Creative Director: Pablo Encabo
Creative Directors: Sergio Saleh, Juani Libonatti
Design and animation: Diego Vigil
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