Canal Encuentro Mini Series "Elegir"  
Encuentro "Elegir"
Series of educational videos about elections.

This educational channel supported by the Argentinean government, hired us, nearing election time, to work on a series of animated fillers. These elements illustrate the different stages of democracy, aiming to explain why voting is so important for the country and how the voting system works. Keeping these objectives in mind, the storytelling had to be clear, simple and dynamic while being entertaining and pedagogic at the same time.
Client: Canal Encuentro
Production Company: Digital1
Head of Production: Hernán Minetti - Leo Alvarez
Director: Juani Libonatti
Senior Producer: Pablo Encabo
Producer: Cecilia Geler
Script: Luciana Porchietto
Design: Sifon DG
Animation: Diego Vigil
Sound Design: Matías Moreno
Voice Talent: Pablo Gandolfo
Content Adviser: Ricardo Perez Orue
Assistant Producer: Matías Sanchez
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+54 11 4784 1088
Buenos Aires, Argentina