2010 - FOX Channels Italy - Program IDs

FOX Channels Italy approached us to create the program ID for the 10th season of CSI on FOX Crime. We used a mix of live footage and hyperrealistic 3D to create the right tone. Despite all the techniques we learned on this project, we can’t figure out who drank the last of the coffee without making more.
Creative Director for Fox: Luca Rochira
Art Director for Fox: Juan Pablo Kessler
Sr. Producer for Fox: Luigi D'Anna
Graphic Designer for Fox: Alessandra Nicolosi

Creative Director: Sergio Saleh 
Executive Producer: Pablo Encabo
Head of Production: Hernán Minetti, Leo Alvarez 
Director: Juani Libonatti
Director of Photography: Facundo Echeguren 
Art Director: Paula Pires
Edition and Post Production: Juani Libonatti 
3D Animation: Pablo Molina
Design & Animation: Ariel Cabrera, Paula Vidal
Music: "Roads" by Portishead