2017 - Channel Branding

Mega is one of the most popular general entertainment channels in Chile. With the objective of becoming the undisputed of Chilean sports, they asked us to create a sub-branding for all their sports content.   

Being a channel that aims to entertain the whole family together, it was important to strike a delicate balance between modern and dynamic design with comfort and legibility for the little ones just learning to read and their grandparents that left their glasses in the other room. At the same time, we needed to capture the spirit of Chile: the flag, the national jersey and the fans.   

The package was created with 3D fabrics mixed with modern 2D graphics to create a system for all Mega’s sporting needs: IDs, Promos, in-game graphics, and program packagings.  

We are confident that Mega will be in a great position and ready for the next FIFA Word Cup in 2018. We wish Chile luck (but not too much)!


Client: Mega 
Design and Postproduction Head, Marketing and Communications Manager: Sergio Poblete Sandoval 
Design Projects Head, Press Director: Rodrigo Jarpa Lopez  

Creative Director: Sergio Saleh  
Executive Producer: Pablo Encabo  
Account Manager: Jeff Keisel  
Art Director Lumbre: Adriana Campos  
Producer: Fátima Requena  
3D Lead: Julián Cooke 
Art Director: Andrés Cambiasso 
Additional design and animation: Estudio Atlántico  

Reel Editor: Natalia Toth
Music for this reel: "Somos Sur" - Ana Tijoux